Gondola ride in Wörlitz Park

Tour tip: Detour to the Industrial Garden Kingdom

This tour combines unique industrial culture and Bauhaus city with the beauty of the Dessau-Wörlitz Garden Realm.

From the starting point of the KOHLE | DAMPF | LICHT | SEEN - Route in the Werkssieldung Piesteritz, the former housing estate of the workers of the nitrogen plant, this tour tip takes the cyclist past the town of Coswig into the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz, which includes the Wörlitzer Park. As the tour continues toward Dessau, it also passes the former Vockerode power plant, the gigantic former lignite-fired power plant on the Elbe River. Once in Dessau, not only the famous Bauhaus buildings can be visited. Here, too, castles and parks in the Garden Kingdom invite you to visit - for example, Georgium Castle and Park and Mosigkau. Industrialist Hugo Junkers once wrote industrial history in Dessau with his groundbreaking developments, and today the Museum of Technology in Dessau is dedicated to the life and work of the aviation pioneer and engineer. In the further course of this tour through the Garden Kingdom, the castle and park in Oranienbaum is also reached and the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve is passed through, before the tour ends in Ferropolis and meets again with the COAL | VAPOR | LIGHT | SEAS - route.

Sights on the tour

Gondola ride in Wörlitz Park
Vockerode power station
Sieglitz hill with castle gate
Architecture and design of the Bauhaus Dessau
Hugo Junkers Museum of Technology
Mosigkau Castle and Castle Park
Floodplain Information Center in the Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve
In front of Oranienbaum Castle
SUP on the Gremminer lake


Route direction

From the starting point of the KOHLE | DAMPF | LICHT | SEEN - route in the Werkssieldung Piesteritz this tour tip leads the cyclist first on the Elberadweg via Coswig past the Wörlitzer Park to the former power plant Vockerode.

Now the Europaradweg R1 is followed to Dessau. On the way are Georgium Castle, the Bauhaus and the Hugo Junkers Museum of Technology.

At the castle Mosigkau is changed to the Garden Kingdom Tour Prince Franz. This leads to the castle and park Oranienbaum, where the tour again meets the Europaradweg R1.

The Europaradweg is followed in the direction of Gräfenhainichen until the KOHLE | DAMPF | LICHT | SEEN - route is reached again at Ferropolis, the city of iron.

Data & facts

Startpunkt der Tour

Werkssiedlung Piesteritz

Zielpunkt der Tour


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5 Stunden, 2 Minuten
82,0 Kilometer
Höchster Punkt
85 m
Niedrigster Punkt
56 m
37 m
18 m

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