On the edge of the Dübener Heide Nature Park, an exciting and valuable biotope has been created at Muldestausee, providing a habitat for rare and endangered species.

The Muldestausee is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts: sailing regattas, dragon boating competitions, and canoeing or rowing competitions are regularly held here on 6.3 square kilometers of water. Relaxation, on the other hand, is offered by numerous cycling and hiking trails around the lake. Anglers also hope for the next big catch in the tranquility of the lake - and rightly so: The Muldestausee is extremely popular, especially because of its pikeperch and catfish population. State-of-the-art fish ladders at the inlet (Pouch) and outlet (Friedersdorf) of the Muldestausee allow fish to cross the reservoir. Best conditions also for salmon, which can settle so in the future in the Muldestausee!

Originally, on the territory of today's municipality of Muldestausee stretched a heath and floodplain landscape, embedded in it the Mulde. Then came the excavators and left with the extraction of lignite a lunar landscape. The flooding of the "exhausted" Muldenstein open pit was already carried out in the 1970s by relocating the Mulde - a basic prerequisite for the desired expansion of the Goitzsche open pit. In this way, after the end of lignite mining in Muldenstein, an impressive reservoir was created from an inhospitable open pit residual hole. Since then, the region has developed into an ideal habitat for numerous animal species: Red deer, foxes and Elbe beavers live on the shores of the lake, and rare birds of prey such as ospreys, white-tailed eagles and marsh harriers circle above the water.

Pure nature

Directly on the north shore of the Muldestausee lies the teaching, educational and meeting place HAUS AM SEE. In an extensive permanent exhibition it tells the story of the Muldestausees and its species-rich fauna and flora. More than 80 prepared animals, a bee hive, petting skins, a butterfly collection and much more give a vivid impression of the species-rich life on and in the lake. This is also the case in the outdoor area of the house, where nesting aids and a barefoot path can be found. The eyrie of the osprey living nearby can be observed with the help of a livecam, supplemented by exciting recordings from past years.

Next to the HAUS AM SEE attracts with the Heidecamp Schlaitz a popular camping and recreational facility with pitches, bungalows and rental apartments. The excursion restaurant Schachtbaude "Pannenkoek" offers from the large sun terrace a wonderful view of the Muldestausee and several bungalows near the lake.


Zahlen & Fakten

The Muldestausee in numbers

Water surface: 605 ha
Volume: approx. 110 million m³ total volume, approx. 15 million m³ in the reservoir area
Length (shoreline): 17 km
Max. Depth: 30 m
Water level height: approx. +79 m NHN (normal water level)
Open pit mining: 1954 - 1975
Flooding / renaturation: 1975 - 1976 (flood water from the Mulde)

Children on the shore of the Muldestausee
on an excursion from the Haus am See to the Muldestausee lake
Shaft building "Pannenkoek" at the Muldestausee lake
House on the lake at Muldestausee