Bitterfeld arch

Bitterfeld arch

The symbol for the change of the region allows a unique panoramic view of the Goitzsche lake region.

Since August 2006, Bitterfeld and the region around the Goitzsche have been richer by an impressive structure. With the Bitterfelder Bogen, the Frankfurt artist Prof. Claus Bury created a unique vantage point over the newly created lake landscape of the region on a unique high dump.

The sweeping steel arch structure, reminiscent of bridge architecture from a distance, rests on two diagonally placed, pointed-oval wing shapes and staggers into the depths in a triple design. The Bitterfeld Arch thus allows the visitor a multitude of possible associations. These range from the grab of a lignite excavator, an oversized Schwibbogen or a butterfly resting on its wings.

Each bend in the path, which is 540 meters long in total, has a small platform and a bench that invites you to enjoy the view. The uppermost ramp ends at a balcony that juts out over the arch and offers a unique panoramic view of the surrounding area high above Bitterfeld.

Zahlen & Fakten

Built in 2005 - 2006
28 meters high
14 meters wide
525 tons mass
540 meters long ascent
observation platform at a height of 21 meters (128 m above sea level)

Bitterfeld arch
Aerial view of the Bitterfeld Arc
Bitterfeld Arch, Bitterfeld