HAUS AM SEE Schlaitz

HAUS AM SEE Schlaitz

The Information Center for Environment and Nature Conservation at the Mulde Reservoir tells the story of the transformation from a dredging empire to a natural idyll.

Where excavators once dug for lignite, the floods have transformed the Muldenstein open pit mine into an impressive reservoir. HAUS AM SEE, an information center for the environment and nature conservation on the northern shore of the Mulden reservoir, tells the story of the dredging empire becoming a natural idyll.

In the house's exhibition, visitors can expect to see over 80 native animal specimens, petting skins, a large butterfly collection, information panels, a bee hive and much more. Guided tours through the exhibition, excursions on the nature trail, lectures on nature-related topics, vacation programs and creative workshops are offered. A camera is used to record current events at an osprey nest. The images are transmitted live to HAUS AM SEE on a large screen and explained.

Programs can be arranged for registered groups of all ages.

Accessibility at a glance:

  • Building accessible without steps via the side entrance with ramp
  • All rooms usable by guests are accessible without steps or via a ramp
  • 90 cm minimum width of all passages/doors
  • Public WC for people with disabilities
  • Free WLAN
  • Assistance dogs welcome
  • Walkable and experiential outdoor area with exhibits, seating and information panels
HAUS AM SEE Schlaitz
Exterior view of the house on the lake
on an excursion from the Haus am See to the Muldestausee lake
Guided tour in the house by the lake
House on the lake at Muldestausee
House by the lake exhibition, Schlaitz
House by the lake, Muldestausee, Schlaitz, Muldestausee community
Exterior view of the house on the lake
House by the lake outside, Schlaitz

Opening hours

November to March:
Sunday / holiday 13:00 - 16:00 clock

April to October:
Sunday/Public Holiday 14:00 - 17:00

Weekdays by appointment
Heath Sunday (every first Sunday of the month) 11:00 - 17:00